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Amor Sin FronterasFelix D'Eon
Felix D’Eon’s rich and vivid paintings celebrate gay and lesbian love and sensibility historically by fantastically imagining and depicting couplings across time and circumstance
Gallery Exhibit April 2015
Folk Art Gift for your sweetie!Day of Love
In celebration of this beautiful day of love, friendship and appreciation for the ones we love, we would like to show off with all of the wonderful folk art couples we have in the gallery
Gallery Exhibit February 2014
Hand Made Gifts!
Fashioned after a Victorian Curio Shop! Artist include: Jon Karl Dawson, Jeri Moe, Bill Miller
Gallery Exhibit December 2009
Branches and Roots: Trees of Life across the globe
The tree of life, or arbol de vida, is generally thought of as a Mexican tradition; however, trees have often served as central and binding metaphors for artists from across the globe. Jeri Moe and Shane Campbell.
Gallery Exhibit November/ December 2009
All Critter's Great and Small
Animal Representations by the best of the best, Isaac Smith, J.L. Nipper, and Peter Grieve
Gallery Exhibit September/October 2009
Recycled and Found Object Artwork
Jeri Moe, Chris Ake, Geoffrey Gorman, Shane Campbell, Jesse Montes, Peter Grieve, Rick Phelps, Bill Miller, Derek Webster
Gallery Exhibit June/July/ August 2009
Fiesta 2009!
San Angel Folk Art celebrates it's 20th Fiesta with a focus on the amazing talent and spirit of local artists, Jon Karl Dawson, Carolina Flores, Sally Ozuna and Karl Frey
Gallery Exhibit April/May 2009
Found Objects Found in New Book
San Angel's artists are featured in a book "Found Object Art Vol.2" So exciting so need to have it.
Gallery Exhibit March 2009
Valentine's Day 2009
Send your heart into orbit with special items for Valentine's Day
Gallery Exhibit January/February 2009
Chris Ake
High Lonesome
Gallery Exhibit Novermber/December 2008
Day of the Dead 2008

Gallery Exhibit October 2008
Big Bad Broad 2008
San Angel's Biennial of the great Lady of LIberty
Gallery Exhibit July/August/September 2008
Joel Greene
New Mexico Modernist soothes us with his landscapes
Gallery Exhibit April/May/June 2008
Keith Davis
Cowboy Love and a bouquet of flowers
Gallery Exhibit January/February/March 2008
Jeri Moe
Tin Master, Jeri Moe Wows us again with her craft.
Gallery Exhibit September/October/November 2007
Lucy Fradkin
Intricate Simplicity
Gallery Exhibit June/July/August 2007
Haitian Vodou Flags
Banner Days: Exquisite Craftmanship displayed by Haitian Artist
Gallery Exhibit March/April/May 2007
Anima Sola: Souls in Purgatory
Various Artist respond to the image of the Anima Sola
Gallery Exhibit September/October 2006
Chris Maya
Santos of Tender Mercies
Gallery Exhibit May/June/July 2006
Jeri Moe
Works of Tin and Copper: Hands of Steel
Gallery Exhibit March/April 2006
Hilario Hernandez Sanchez
Small Universe/Big World
Gallery Exhibit February/March 2006

Demetrio Garcia Aguilar
Magical Realism in Clay
Gallery Exhibit November/December 2005

Demetrio Garcia Aguilar
New Paintings
Gallery Exhibit November/December 2005

Chris Ake
Purple Mountain Majesties
Gallery Exhibit San Antonio Contemporary Art Month July/August 2005

Alfredo Rodriguez and Ernesto Moran
Texas Santeros
Gallery Exhibit May/June 2005

Nicholas Herrera
Natural Bad Ass
Gallery Exhibit April/May 2005

Isaac Smith
Sweet Birds of Youth
Gallery Exhibit February/March 2005

Shane Campbell
Cherry Pie, Fig Leaves, and Sour Grapes
Gallery Exhibit January-March 2005

J. L. Nipper
Up in the Trees and Everything down below
Gallery Exhibit November/December 2004

Reverend Seymour Perkins
Diggin' the Underground Railroad
Gallery Exhibit October/November 2004

Miguel Rodriguez
Lucky, Horny, Turtle, Toad
Gallery Exhibit September/October 2004

Derek Webster
Gallery Exhibit July/August 2004

Haitian Voodoo Flags
The power and art of the sequinned....
Gallery Exhibit July/August 2004

Nicholas Herrera
Dead-End to Salavation
Gallery Exhibit April 2004

Kenny Karcher
Kenny's World
Gallery Exhibit February/March 2004

Wrap yourself in history
Gallery Exhibit January 2004

Mask de Michoacan de Ocampo
Ethnigraphic face mask
Gallery Exhibit December 2003

Peter Grieve
Natural Industrial
Gallery Exhibit November 2003

Statue of Liberty
Big Bad Broad
Gallery Exhibit July 2003

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