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African-American artist, Reverend Seymour Perkins, paints his son's girlfriend.

Two of our nations birds glare protectively out at the viewer. Painted by San Antonio outsider artist, Reverend Seymour Perkins.

Reverend Perkins paints a native American Indian that was his grandfather, 196 years ago.  

Rev. Perkins depicts an African-American Cowboy. 

A montage of figures on African- American history painting by San Antonio artist, Reverend Seymour Perkins.

A portrait of Marcel Proust, that Perkins took from a Time Life book of portraits.

Freela is one of the folks at Ella Austin center that sings in the choir with Rev. Perkins.

Nat Love, world famous African-American cowboy.

Reverend Perkins responds to the moment by painting the capture of Sadam Hussein.

A beautiful portrait of a trio of people by African-American artist, Reverend Seymour Perkins.

A slave carries his master on his back as someone looks on painted by Outsider artist, Reverend Seymour Perkins.

Theodore Roosevelt  as seen by Reverend Seymour Perkins.

San Antonio outsider artist, Reverend Seymour Perkins conveys a powerful portrait with a minimum of colors.

Self Portrait by African American artist Rev. Seymour Perkins. ARCHIVE IMAGE 

A beautiful, candid portrait of a very colorful man.

The still strong memory of JFK is in the heart of Rev. Seymour.

Rev. Seymour honors MLK Jr., Fredrick Douglas and the finely coiffed, young Washington.

Sammy Davis, Jr.- an entertainer, a man who broke down barriers.

A large scale banner made out of a window shade honoring African mask.

The first African- American college president, Martin Freeman painted on half of a table top.

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